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5 things about Sateda

Ah ha. Sateda was harder to write about than I expected---hence the lack of grace for most of this. But I think I might do another set about the surviving remnant or something. Or Ronon, because he's always fun.

1. When a child, your duty is to your family.
When a Specialist, your duty is to your squad.
When alone, your duty is to kill Wraith.

In all things, your greater duty is to Sateda: by making your family strong, you make Sateda strong; by keeping your squad alive, you keep Sateda alive; by killing Wraith, you leave fewer to harm Sateda.

(The middle duty varied depending on the speaker's vocation; Melena's duty was to her patients, and in healing them she healed Sateda.)

2. Ronon's grandfather was born into Sateda's golden age: many machines were built, new cities were founded, art and literature and music flourished, and great advances were made in medicine. And perhaps not coincidentally, no Wraith had been seen in over a generation.

Around the time Ronon's father was born, rumors began to surface that the Wraith had returned, and everyone's mind turned toward keeping Sateda safe, keeping their families alive.

There were no farmers in Ronon's generation, no artists or writers or musicians--except those who created signs and slogans and marching songs.

3. By Earth standards, Sateda--like every other Pegasus world--was sparsely populated. By Pegasus standards, Sateda was an urban planet, with several large (even by Earth standards) cities on the continent holding the stargate, and even a few thriving colonies on surrounding islands. Ronon spent years Running through wilderness, across uninhabited planets, but Earth is the first place he visits that actually feels a little bit like home.

Well, aside from the lack of aerial defense systems and ubiquitous military.

4. The joke about a Satedan and a Wraith walking into a bar actually happened several times. Well, sort of. In the last eight years before the end, at least a dozen Specialist squads returned from missions with a Wraith's undamaged coat (in one case, three of them), and most of them swore up and down that the whole thing happened in/around a tavern. Prior to then, no one had the experience or desperation necessary to retrieve a Wraith's garments without destroying them in the process. (Ronon's squad managed two, though not on the same mission.)

5. Sateda mostly kept itself to itself--its technology far outmatched anyone's except perhaps the Travelers, and there was never any need for trade with other worlds. Most off-world expeditions, at least in the last few decades before the end, were aimed at tracking and killing Wraith. The few alliances they had were basic and short-term and not helped by the Satedans' sense of superiority.
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