poem by me: upon leaving the dog alone in the house

I do not trust you, fuzzy dog,
though you lie there like a log;
there, no log should be.

And oftentimes I find your hair
upon the sofa, bed, or chair--
dog, that chair's for me!

Your place is here, down on the rug,
four paws upon the ground, but there's the rub:
you think you should be treated just as we

and not as you,
who are a dog and nothing more.
Though you with puppy-eyes implore,
the command remains: stay on the floor!
Eeee!! That is so adorably adorable!!! Seriously, I have the cutest mental picture of you reciting this verbatim (and quite sincerely) to the dog in question. ^^
Dad actually said the first two lines to our dog (quite sincerely); we then went on to write separate poems based off that.

Our brains are very silly, sometimes.