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fic for the month

So, hey, I wrote something last Saturday. A short something, but the person who requested it seemed pleased, so maybe other people would enjoy it too.

It's about (wait for it) John Sheppard (wow, who'da thunk?), criticism, and how the people in charge would respond if they ever found out about the events being recorded in Things Already Seen.

Face Marred By Dust and Sweat and Blood

and because it's the end of the month in addition to being a Friday, here's what all I wrote in January:

5 ways to go crazy without trying
5 things that were supposed to be 5 things but weren't and most likely won't
5 more things Ronon doesn't talk about
5 things about the Athosians

Actually, this isn't all I wrote in January, but it is all I posted in January, and that's because I have a plan, and that plan includes building up a backlog of fic so that I can post on a semi-regular schedule because I want to be a writer, darn it! and I figure this will help somehow. So I've been writing drabbles every night, and hope to start working my way up to longer things with actual plots and stuff, and then the humongous WIPs I've been pretending aren't just sitting there waiting to be finished, and then (insert dramatic pause) THE WORLD!

Well, then getting paid for what I write, mayhap. Or at least for some of it. The whole publishing world kind of scares me, but I figure that's a stupid reason not to make a go at getting paid for what my brain does all the time whether I want it to or not.
Tags: all fiction, alternate universes, fanfiction, stargate

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