5 things about the Athosians

okay. 5 things in 15 14 minutes? i can do that. eta: apparently i can't. 32 minutes, everyone. i feel somewhat pathetic.

1. Although the Athosians are known as traders through the Pegasus galaxy, what they trade predominantly isn't goods, but rather introductions. An Athosian with a trading party is as good as a guarantee that you won't get cheated or sold out to Wraith worshipers or the like. (It isn't until well into the expedition's second year that John realizes how lucky they'd been; those early months hadn't been easy, but without Teyla and the other Athosian guides, things would have been downright hairy.)

2. They have vocabulary to describe pretty nearly every possible relationship, blood or otherwise; second cousin's mother-in-law? Something that sounds like a sneeze. (Teyla collapses laughing the first time John attempts it, and he can't really blame her.)

3. Halling can give his family history going back eighteen generations; Teyla knows fifteen; some of the older Athosians can give details as far back as thirty, although those are pretty spotty. And between everybody, they can give rough histories for almost fifty other cultures.

4. This is partly because most of the Athosians are actually refugees or the children (great great great grandchildren, in some cases) of such. Not that their home cultures had been destroyed (well, not all), but if your town's been culled and someone comes along offering your family someplace new to start over, why not? (And this is one reason why everyone knows and trusts the Athosians, to the extent that many children in villages near stargates are told to go looking for the Athosians should their homes be destroyed.)

5. They still tell the tales of great battles fought by the Ancestors against the Wraith, of their heroes and sacrifices and promises to return. And some still believe that the expedition came in fulfillment of those promises; they accept John's protests to the contrary with smiles that clearly express that they are merely indulging him.
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Very cool :D Out of curiosity, did you write something about Satedan culture as well? Or am I getting my authors and stories mixed up again :S
I wrote this thing about the Satedan tax code, and other random facts about Sateda have worked themselves into various fics, but I haven't done anything formally about that culture. Hm. Maybe this week.
Really like this. You have a good eye for characters.

Would you write a fic about the little dude and the turtle?

I don't think I could ever write an entire story about the little and and the turtle, mostly because I don't yet know anything about them except they keep winding up in weird situations. I'll probably do some more random bits of stories, though, like that 5-things I did back in November.
if little and turtle are Psych, which one is shawn and which one is gus?

What other shows could you match them up with?

Ficlets are fine by me!

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I . . . honestly have no idea. I suspect the turtle is a little wackier than the little dude, but they're both pretty crazy. In a very phlegmatic kind of way.
I love this! I think #4 might be my favorite. The idea that the Athosians are the galaxy's safe zone makes me smile.
Which makes it even crazier/sadder/more shocking when the Athosians themselves, society of safety, are culled. All thanks to a necklace.

But then, what has made the Athosians a safe haven is not their invulnerability, but their perseverance.

[Augustine makes one philosophical. Also: my essay is crap. *sigh*]
Well said.

[And I'm sure your essay isn't crap. But if you'd like to have a fresh pair of eyes take a look at it....]
doesn't matter if it's crap or not, just so long as you have something to hand in.
Thanks! I imagine them just sort of picking up strays as they go along. Everyone who knows them apparently trusts them--even the Genii, sort of.