reason #8,436 why pets are good preparation for having kids

After spending 10 minutes trying to remove caked poop from underneath the tail of a very hair and large and uncooperative dog, changing diapers suddenly seems almost appealing.

I don't have an appropriate ew-face icon, so I'm going with Tripod Sheep instead, because sheep are also large and smelly and dirty.
When Brockie's butt gets like that, we have to hose her down. (Well, in the summer, anyway. Otherwise, she's headed to the baaaathtub.) By that point, we also realize it's time to call the groomer!
I could have gone the bathtub route, but he gets water everywhere and it was just easier to use wipes and scissors and paper towels. Grosser, maybe, but easier. And faster.

And he's definitely due for a trim. >_O