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reviews, a day late: stuff

Should have done this yesterday, as per my unofficial and unstated New Year's resolution, but late's better than never, etc. Maybe if I write enough of these I'll eventually figure out how to do it properly.

Sherlock Holmes (the new movie): So much fun! I'm not sure I could put my finger on why, particularly, but there wasn't a single thing about it that made me cringe and that happens very VERY rarely. Jude Law as Watson was spot-on and RDJ made me forget Holmes was supposed to be tall and lean. And the music was awesome, which I noticed particularly because of what I'd seen the day previous.

That is, the four 2009 Dr. Who specials (The Next Doctor, The Planet of Death, The Waters of Mars, The End of Time): in which the music was anvil-on-the-head not awesome. "Anvil to the head" describes an awful lot about the specials, actually. They all had moments that shone and were gorgeous and then promptly got squashed by the next over-the-top bit (and the music, always the music). I considered doing a blow-by-blow review of this, but decided I definitely had better things to to with my time.

Forever Odd & Odd Hours: because I have been doing some (a lot, actually) of reading recently (it's like some bit of me that got switched off by college has been turned on again). Forever Odd is one of the most claustrophobic books I've read, and I mean that in a really good way--the tone of the book fits the setting perfectly (or vice versa), and although the reader knows things will end up okay (well, probably), the main character emphatically doesn't and so at no point does it feel like a foregone conclusion. Same thing with Odd Hours--Koontz does a brilliant job in both of writing atmosphere and realistic, intriguing secondary characters. But don't read if you're easily freaked-out.

Arms and the Man & The Man of Destiny: Arms and the Man has one of my favorite characters of all time: Captain Bluntschli, who shall ever be my image of the quintessential Swiss, I suspect. Thematically I suppose the play's about romanticism vs. realism or something like that, but mostly it's just a lot of fun. As is The Man of Destiny, which is mainly just about Napoleon Bonaparte being a magnificent, twisty, self-centered bastard. Quite definitely written by Bernard Shaw.
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