so, i'm going to see the new sherlock holmes movie today

batman vs. sherlock holmes

this is not a fair question!

Things I need to do before going to see the movie:
*clean my room
*balance my checkbook
*clean the bathroom (it's getting kind of icky)
*change out of my pajamas

If somehow Batman/Bruce Wayne and Holmes did meet, what do you think would happen? Answers will get ficlets, possibly related, but no guarantees as to content, quantity or quality. There will be something fictional, though.

Or you can just tell me to go back to work on Things Already Seen, which I should probably do before all forward momentum is lost.
I think if Batman came through a time portal and met Holmes, Watson would be horribly jealous because Holmes would be all over the gadgets (and Wayne), trying to figure out 21st century technology with a 19th century background...while Wayne would be fanboying Holmes....
what, late? me?
*bursts out laughing at image*

Two hours later, Holmes was still seated in front of the viewing screen of the "computer", and Watson found himself wondering if perhaps his friend had been somehow mesmerized by the thing. He said as much to Wayne, who looked startled for a moment and then laughed.

"Not by the computer, no, although perhaps by the information it stores. Heaven knows I've lost track of time more than once while trying to make sense of something."

"More than a hundred times," Wayne's man Pennyworth muttered sotto voce as he passed by Watson. "I suspect that this is not entirely out of character for Mr. Holmes?" he added in a normal speaking tone.

"Not entirely," Watson admitted.