so, i'm going to see the new sherlock holmes movie today

batman vs. sherlock holmes

this is not a fair question!

Things I need to do before going to see the movie:
*clean my room
*balance my checkbook
*clean the bathroom (it's getting kind of icky)
*change out of my pajamas

If somehow Batman/Bruce Wayne and Holmes did meet, what do you think would happen? Answers will get ficlets, possibly related, but no guarantees as to content, quantity or quality. There will be something fictional, though.

Or you can just tell me to go back to work on Things Already Seen, which I should probably do before all forward momentum is lost.
la la la lalala - what, late? me?
"You don't actually think someone is running around on rooftops while dressed up like a bat, do you?" Watson asked, voice full of doubt, one hand pressed unconsciously against a scar gained during one of Holmes's more . . . sensational cases.

"I think that it is a more reasonable explanation, although without data I cannot speak with any certainty." Holmes began packing his pipe with tobacco, a task by now mindless in its familiarity, and considered Watson's question with more care. "There are certain areas of our fair city that the police dare not patrol with anything approaching thoroughness; too much crime, too few people with respect for the law. To force order upon those places would require an army--or two, and the process would be long and messy and called off before it was finished. But everyone fears something, and those who scoff at Scotland Yard may well tremble at the thought of a shadow with teeth and a sense of justice."

"Justice. . . ." Watson echoed thoughtfully, and let his hand drop back down to the newspaper spread across the table. "Justice or vengeance?"

"I suspect we shall find out," Holmes said, and struck a match.
Sherlock Holmes may be smarter, but Batman has cool gadgets, and doesn't have a drug problem.

Working on Things Already Seen would be a good idea.
There's not panic in the halls, not quite, but everyone he passes is flushed, flustered, on the verge of hysteria or euphoria. Rodney, when he gives his report, manages to sound simultaneously thrilled that they still have juice in the ZPM and pissed that there's not enough to do anything more than last-ditch defensive measures. John wants to make a flippant remark about how he's sure there's an instruction manual, but given than a year's-worth of hard searching hadn't turned up anything usable, that doesn't really seem fair. So he holds his tongue and waits for the time to make his pitch.

"How long before we can send a MALP through to check out the address Ford got?" he asks Rodney first, because he can feel in his bones how necessary it is that this be his mission, his rescue. He can't afford to give away any more control of it than what Elizabeth requires to sign off on it.

Rodney looks disgruntled, clearly caught flat-footed. "That's really more Zalinsky's field than mine." (Zelenka, Elizabeth corrects, faintly bemused at Rodney and clearly irked at John.)

"Well, I'm sure your supervision would help speed things up," John tells him, half truth, half lie, half blatant flattery; he remembers that much of Rodney in the early days. The later days, too, although by then it had become less flattery and more reassurance.
I think if Batman came through a time portal and met Holmes, Watson would be horribly jealous because Holmes would be all over the gadgets (and Wayne), trying to figure out 21st century technology with a 19th century background...while Wayne would be fanboying Holmes....
what, late? me?
*bursts out laughing at image*

Two hours later, Holmes was still seated in front of the viewing screen of the "computer", and Watson found himself wondering if perhaps his friend had been somehow mesmerized by the thing. He said as much to Wayne, who looked startled for a moment and then laughed.

"Not by the computer, no, although perhaps by the information it stores. Heaven knows I've lost track of time more than once while trying to make sense of something."

"More than a hundred times," Wayne's man Pennyworth muttered sotto voce as he passed by Watson. "I suspect that this is not entirely out of character for Mr. Holmes?" he added in a normal speaking tone.

"Not entirely," Watson admitted.
I find myself hobbled by the fact that there is no single definitive Batman/Bruce, and by the fact that it's been far too long since I last enjoyed a good Holmes story! Doyle was one of my first literary loves. ^^

...So, Things it is! ;)
Exeunt Rodney, and Elizabeth turns to John, by this point just plain pissed with him. "Major, a word."

Meek and mild, he follows her outside, and doesn't let her see how much her startled wonderment at this new world hurts. He doesn't think he'd seen it before, when he'd been overwhelmed by the alienness of Atlantis, the weird itching sensation inside his scalp that he now knows is the mainframe trying and failing to upgrade his access to it. But now he's jaded, and to see her still so fresh cuts at him.

His wounds don't matter, though, not now, and especially not when they're only imaginary. So he boxes away that part of himself and sets in on the task at hand.
Thanks!! I'm grateful for each and every wee snippet of this fic. Plus, I love the explanation for the cranial itch--great detail! ^^