Light in darkness

Tell me what this is a picture of, and I'll write you a hundred words on any prompt you give me.

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Well, that's obvious. It's one of those swirling vortices you can use to travel through time with. Duh. :P

Hey darlin. :)
Cool. I hadn't thought of that possibility.

Claim your prompt! And let me know when you leave for NH. Unless you already have. Do you have internet there?
Um. It's like claiming a prize or whatever: just say, "I want you to write such and such" or even something along the lines of "thunderstorm, downed power-lines, sibling mockery". And I will attempt to write it.

Whatever 'it' is.
I did the random dictionary thing, cause I thought I would come up with something really screwy.

I got: "purr."

That's all you get to work with. :D

Heehee, have fun.
And if you ever get a chance to write "thunderstorm, downed power lines, sibling mockery," I would like to read it.

Time to go pound out some edgarandthefool. Because this cliffhanger is just too darn long.
Hello, violeteyedcat. I get the feeling you must be a Johnnie I know. (I'm Ali.) Any chance you could identify yourself, even in a vague online not-revealing-my-real-name kind of way?
Bouncy...I like that! :D HeeHee... In any case...prompts...hmm. Alright, picking three random things from my room: trophies, mobiles, and butterflies. Oh my. Well, good luck to you. :) *huggles some more* Just in case you were running low on your huggle supply.
If it is a lamp post by McDowell it reminds me of those extremely foggy nights in late winter when the silence on the Quad feels like it could be punctured by a carraige clattering on the bricks at any moment and the hazy lights look almost like gas lamps. I always wanted to write a story about St John's in the fog, possibly of the Edwardian Sherlock Holmes variety or the film noir type. Enough people at St John's dress in fancy hats and tweed on seminar nights I feel like 1907 and 2007 could merge together.
Hm. It does look a little like a bag, doesn't it? I hadn't thought of that one - probably because I know it's a lamp, it's hard to see it as anything else.

So. Since the point of this was to tell me what the picture was, and not necessarily to tell me accurately, give me a prompt! I need to stretch my brain a little.
Well, someone had already guessed "lamppost," so I tried to think of what else it might be.

Okay. Prompts. The Matter of France.

(If that's a little too much stretching: vampire pirates. It's very hard to go wrong with vampire pirates, although at least one children's author HAS.)
The Matter of France (once I figured out what it was) sounds like a lot of fun - so you'll get that, once I've brushed up on the mythology a bit. But you'll probably also get vampire pirates because my brain won't take no for an answer.
It's the moon through a screen of trees at night. But the moon has, in an amoeba-like fashion, spontaneously decided to reproduce, and another, new moon is budding off it. Mitosis. :) And, yeah, these things only come out when sleep-deprivation kicks in.
Re: hmmm
Well, there's an explanation I never would have come up with. ^_^ What do you want me to write about?