science fiction

hey, it's the future!

i had this all planned out last night but now i can't remember

was it about the past year's fiction?
or something about the new year?
or wait---i know
it was going to be about where are the flying cars?
and not batman (woe)

so where *are* the flying cars we were promised yesteryear?

or the jetpacks,
the teleportation,
the computer-managed traffic,
the fully-automatic kitchens,

Seriously, where is all the nifty stuff they said we'd have by now?

Also, tell me your favorite story from the past year and I'll write . . . something. Just for you.
I remember when I was... I think maybe eight... we visited a planetarium for a school field trip. They told us about how they were going to build a space station on the moon, and how one day we might all end up working there.

But here I am, still stuck on Earth :P Where's the moon base!

So hard to choose a story. Loved the one with Sheppard teaching Ronon how to ride. Oh, and Sheppard and the giant lizard! Because that is so him to be smitten by a giant lizard :D
I vividly remember reading The Winds of Mars and then some nonfiction book about living on Mars and being utterly captivated by the idea of it. And then I learned a little more about the way of things and realized I wasn't likely to ever see it happen.

Ah, woe. The future seems to center a lot more on entertainment and a lot less on exploration than is ever predicted. On the other hand, we haven't destroyed the planet, run out of food, or had any of the other predicted disasters happen to us yet, so there's that at least.

(He wasn't smitten by the lizard! It's all lies spread by Rodney--bitter, scurrilous lies! Although George was pretty much the awesomest thing ever, and if he hadn't been too large to fit through the gate....

Well. It's probably a good thing the Marines didn't get their hands on him.)
Okay, aging myself here... There used to be a show about the 21st century, narrated by Walter Cronkite, about all the cool stuff we would have by the turn of the century. I'm so disappointed in Walter for feeding us all that tripe!

So, Turner Classic Movies decided to show 2010 yesterday. Much derisive laughter before I flipped the channel.
I wonder if that show's somewhere on youtube? Seeing/hearing predictions from 10+ years ago of what it would be (will be? should be?) like today is usually a lot of fun, though occasionally depressing.

I didn't know there was a film version of 2010. I tried reading the novel once, but just couldn't get past the first page or so.
The series actually ran in 1967-68 (told you I was dating myself!). I was pretty young at the time, but I remember Walter's voice (so distinctive) and longing for all the pretty, shiny things he was showing us.

2010 was a fave movie for a long while (big Roy Scheider and Helen Mirren fan), and I'll will still drag it out for viewing at least once a year. I actually slogged my way through the book, but prefer the movie. It's more a mystery than a psychological/philosophical piece (like 2001: A Space Odyssey); it's worth adding to the Netflix list. ;-)