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I think I organize this differently each year. Let's do it chronologically this time, with first sentences instead of summaries. Turns out I wrote more than I thought I had, though not as much as I would have liked.

Masks. The first masked hero showed up in 1924, in the then-backwater city of New New Amsterdam (which had been named so mostly as a joke). [original]

5 things Ronon doesn't talk about. Before everything went to fire and wraith, Ronon toyed with the possibility of becoming a tax accountant. [sga]
Iguana Love (like puppy love, but larger and spikier). Later, Rodney tried to claim that the iguana attempted to eat him, but really, all it did was flick out its tongue. [sga]
5 times John Sheppard cried. At his mother’s funeral, although he does it in absolute silence and would vehemently deny it if anyone noticed. [sga]

5 ways Stargate: Atlantis could have gone. (Actually, this is more a series of premises than fiction, but I'm including it for completeness and also I didn't write anything else in March.) [sga]

5 ways Mike's life is different since he got "burned". He’d learned how not to dream while on a mission. [burn notice]
I am a nautilus reversed. Poetry!
Prometheus In Stasis. He shifts his wrists beneath the chains, moves them slowly, gently, in motions practiced and perfected, testing strength here and friction there, each sun-heated link caressing his skin like a burning coal. [greek myth]
5 books on Bruce Wayne's bedside table. The Art of War by Sun-Tzu. (Because Gotham is a war, and Batman is both general and army.) [batman]

That March With Muffled Drum. Peter will not grow up, and Wendy will not so cripple herself to stay with him. [peter pan]
5 Earth customs Vala can't understand. Birthday candles. [sg-1]
interstitial from Wrought Iron's Men of Might no. 4. Caption: "Really, there wasn't much of a choice." [original]

Do not let this paralyze you. Poem!
Loss. It strikes him most frequently at parties or at church, when he's tired and feels it's time to go. [original]
from the words of Yuma son of Magen of the Athosians. Put me in a cage and lock the door: I will beat myself against the bars until I bleed, and bite your fingers even if they come to free me. [sga; very short]

Things Already Seen (part one; locked). Four steps into Atlantis (alien city, alien world, he reminds himself, and then wishes he hadn’t, because they’re not the only things that are alien), the lights come on—the city comes on, and suddenly he’s not alone in his head anymore. [sga]
Did you mean: asdfjlk. Time spent translating carvings on stone arch encountered on PX-3042: 178 minutes [sga]
Most Illogical. Spock regarded the tricorder as he might a being who insisted that Terran pigs could indeed fly unassisted, the planet’s satellite was in fact made of green cheese, and the Enterprise was actually a four inch long model made out of plastic. [star trek/winnie the pooh]
10 sentences on request. SGA, Peter Pan, Labyrinth
Nepenthe. “Why don’t you meditate?” Teer asks one morning, gently incurious. [sga]

Packing. At some point, usually about fifteen minutes in, there came a point of utter despair and a sense of great futility: the car had become one of those horrific 3-D puzzles that can't be solved because the pieces would have to pass through each other to produce the desired shape and normal people just can't make that happen, and everyone seemed content to simply stand around and comment on this fact instead of doing something about it. [original]
The Song of the Bandersnatch, or, "Laugh," Said the Snail: the Story of Three Children and a Rabbit. Prologue. In which very little is said. [original; currently just table of contents]
Vroom Vroom. “I like things that go more than 200 miles an hour,” John says when Teyla first meets him: seeming nonsense, though she ignores that because she likes his smile, which pretends to be false but isn’t. [sga]

Envy. “I don’t understand it,” Roland said, almost petulant, with a shove that sent his laptop sliding across the table, destroying Orlando’s piles of paperwork as it went. [the song of roland]
An Old Joke. To be Satedan is to be taller, faster, stronger. [sga]
5 things: John kissed Rodney, now what? Apparently, not even a kiss was enough to get Rodney to shut up, because the guy’s mouth was still moving and he was making these little mmphing noises. [sga]

5 things I love about John Sheppard in Things Already Seen. He doesn't give up, break down, or go crazy when he finds himself inexplicably a year in his past. [sga]
Scrabble. "'Jezebel.' Really?" [burn notice? original? idk]
5 ways different characters deal with ill-health. Brucie plays it up; Batman plays it down. [batman; sga; peter pan; song of roland]
5 people Sumner wanted to disbelieve but couldn't. The doctors, first when they said Janice could never have children, later when they said she had six months to live. [sga]

5 things that happen at some point in Things Already Seen. "Well, once there was this kid named Bruce whose father was a healer, although his father and grandfather had been wealthy traders." [sga]
Elizabeth in Amber. She begins by giving herself half a day awake for every eternity spent dreaming, to explore the city, sift through the uncharted territories of the databases. [sga]
I am Bulletproof. If asked, Rodney will admit that the Nomex survival-suit makes sense (and the memory cloth is a brilliant excuse for having a cape). [sga]
Perfect Fit. He should’ve been more freaked out about being (basically) nothing more than a walking key for the expedition—should’ve been, but at the time he was mostly trying to pretend this didn’t suddenly mean his mom was an alien. [sga]
5 conversations that didn't make it onto paper. "You're not supposed to eat the flowers, you know." [original]
Rabid, face-eating Spindley-Dromes! (parts one and two). "It's a cupcake, Ronon." [sga]
Things Already Seen (part two; locked). ‘It will be dark soon’, only in John’s ears it rings as ‘The wraith are coming’, because they’d never determined what exactly had caused the original raid on Athos—whether it was mere bad luck, or the unintentional activation of Teyla’s necklace. [sga]

5 completely unconnected bits of conversation overheard in Atlantis. "Did a cupcake really try to eat Colonel Sheppard's face?" [sga]
this is the bottom of the year. Poetry!
While Shepherds Watched. It comes like the ending of the world: the sky splits open---open, so that the things behind the stars are visible. [bible]
Outside a Dog/Inside a Dog. It’s only because of the cold, Angua tells herself, and then wonders why—they’re alone on a stakeout that almost certainly won’t come up with anything and she’s currently sporting four legs and a whole lot of fur. [discworld]
A is For. Sometimes, late at night, when he can’t sleep, he lists them all: flying, glowy squid-thing (and really, who decided to call them ‘drones’? Very lame). [sga]
Hi-Ho Sneezy, Away! “You never rode anything on Sateda?” John asked, shifting slightly in the saddle so that he was better balanced. [sga]
5 versions of John Sheppard. His father (Patrick) is rich, his little brother is named Dave, and their mother is never spoken of. [sga]


Patterns? Well, SGA and John Sheppard are still pretty obviously my one true love. Lots of drabbles, thanks to gen_drabble. Some 5 things, although there are still quite a few sitting unfinished on my computer. No new huge stories to worry about, so that's nice. Now I just need to finish all the various things I started in previous years.

The main goal for 2010 is to finish Things Already Seen. I really want to get that finished by summertime. And then to follow that up with various shorter works that just need a few hours of concentrated writing to be done. Generally, to write more regularly, frequently, and prolifically.

Tags: meme/poll, writing about writing

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