also, it's snowing again!

Which is always big news around here. They're predicting 10 to 14 inches, so we'll probably get 2, maybe 3, because the weather people always majorly overestimate the accumulated total. That, or they don't predict it at all, like the storm of a couple weeks ago. That was supposed to be dusting until after we'd already gotten an inch or two.
Have fun with your family! The snow looks like it's going to go as (I) predicted: pretty, but fairly insubstantial.
For once my cynical "bah, we'll only get a few flurries" prediction was wrong.
Well, there's still time for my prediction to be wrong too, but I'm definitely not getting my hopes up. We live in what seems to be a no-snow area: all around us people get buried and we get a few flurries.

Of course, the weather people never take this into account, so.

Yes, I'm bitter. Can you tell?
*Pouts* I want snow. All we seem to be getting is clouds. Not even any rain.
If I had some to share, I would. But we're getting barely enough as it is. (Also, I'm not sure how I'd transport it.)
Blizards in full swing, it's cold and windy and Bah Humbug, this sucks! There predicting 14-20 as of 2PM here!
Oh, I'd love it if we got that much snow, but we probably won't get more than 3-5 inches.