because "happy holidays" is pretty boring and insipid - also, mini yuletide!

what do you celebrate this time of year?

something else you managed to miss
(every day is batman day)

edit: er, actually, since it's going to be christmas, let's do a mini-version of yuletide. pick a fandom (or two or three; more options means i'm more likely to be able to do one of them) and ask me for what you'd like to see me write in them. er. think shorter rather than longer.
That movie is much fun and I plan on watching it sometime this week.

Also: I changed my mind for this round of "let's get brat to write stuff"! It's Christmas and I want to give presents, so as it now says above: pick a fandom (or two or three; the more options you give me, the more likely I'll be able to write one of them) and tell me what you'd like me to write. Think shorter rather than longer.
\o/!!! Oooh, Discworld and cuddling! Or The Pretender...with Muppets! Miss Parker having a showdown with Kermit! (Maybe? You are the creative one, I trust you.) Or, since you're on an SGA kick, more people being eaten by cupcakes! ...or Muppets! Muppets go well with anything! Feel free to mix and match as creativity strikes you. :)
I. I will try....?

No. There is no try. There is only do or do not. So. I will write you a thingy where Mr. Darcy meets Spock. No guarantees as to length or quality, though. -_O
Pick which ever catches your fancy

Sheppard with wings
Sheppard surfing
Sheppard teaches Ronon to ride a horse. Ronon sucks at it but is too stubborn to give up. And Sheppard's horse is a pretty black one.
Ooh! LotR? Something involving Tolkien elves and Christmas elves (or the whole X-mas elf concept). I'm thinking this whole idea runs crack-ward, but do with it whatever your heart desires! ...Also, should the urge arise to crossover with SGA, by all means feel free! ^^

Merry Christmas to all!! (and a Very Happy Batmantide)

Months late, and not at all what you asked for, but it's something, at any rate. The crack just wouldn't come, so instead you get death-fic. Because that's the way we roll around here.