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also, the people who left me random comments two weeks ago are awesome! do it again, please? and if you don't want to be spammed with sga snippets, just say so and i'll spam you with snippets from something else.
Completion...ah yes. I suppose that'll come eventually. Right now, though, I can see only the two parts that'll come after this part, and all the major revisions that'll be necessary to cure John of his current bipolar disorder.

But still, I know roughly what the end will look like, so that's a big step toward being able to actually finish this thing.

(I wish I could get myself to write in longer than 150 words segments)


*No time*, beats against the back of John's brain, *no time no time no time*. It sings to him, so that each motion he makes, each step and hand signal and jerk of the head runs together into some intricate dance he learns as he goes along. He goes lightly on his toes, hope still imbuing him with a grace not his own, and the Wraith never see him until after he's gone.

(To his men--and they are almost his, will be after this--if he but knew it, he moves like some being out of an old tale, ready to call down lightning and fire and flood, should it be necessary. Or to offer his own heart, if they asked it of him.)

He has scrimped and scrabbled for the moments that he now doles out like dull pennies, beats out with each breath like a metronome. They will be enough for him to do what must be done.
Honey, however it is you write, don't ever knock it--your bits and snatches slay me with such piercingly perfect imagery!! That passage just sings and hums and dances in my brain.... You could re-write season one as an epic poem, and you'd go down in history, I swear. <3
Epic poetry, eh? It does sometimes feel like it's trying to veer in that direction. But I suppose there is a long and glorious history of epic poems about warriors and great battles, so it might be appropriate.

In any case, however slowly and haltingly, the story is finally being written, and that's a relief. I've had it itching away at the back of my brain for, well, at least a year or two now.
It certainly IS being written, and beautifully. Do these prompt/quote things actually help you - all of the little snippets you keep giving are just such perfect reflections of whatever little thing we gave you. I can't tell if it's because you've had them ready and waiting, or if you're actually writing this amazingness using the quotes as inspiration. Either way, you're pretty much crazy wonderful.

This story gives me that tightness behind my eyes that one of these days may produce teh weepies. Mwah. *huggles*
They do! But truthfully, while the prompts/quotes are helpful, the really helpful thing is the comment itself. I'm good at responding to something and very bad at writing just because I've decided I need to write--this is the only method I've come up with so far that consistently motivates me to do what I want to do.

Often I'll have a little piece of something that needs to be turned into an actual scene, which serves as the basis for the snippet-comment-thingy. But 90+% is usually all new stuff.