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Re: Vaguely Appropriate?
more than vaguely, i'd say



There is, possibly, something wrong with him (*No duh*, says the sarcastic Rodney that seems to have set itself up in John's head), something beyond the obvious help-I've-been-inexplicably-catapulted-a-year-into-my-past shtick. Although that's probably connected somehow.

But he woke up this morning and wanted to cry and that makes no sense--everyone's still alive (except the Athosian dude who died the first time too), everyone seems to like him (except Sumner, but he'd expected that; it's almost comforting), they actually have an itty-bitty bit of power left in the ZPM (enough for 5 whole minute of shield!), and the Wraith have no idea that earth (or Atlantis) exists; all things are well and all manner of things are well, and he really shouldn't feel this way.

He should probably go to Heightmeyer about it, but he'd really rather shoot himself in the foot. Which is probably a symptom of something, but he doesn't care.