I have no idea what that is, but I love it desperately. Especially when they march. And play trumpet. And wear hats. XD
It's one of They Might Be Giants many awesome awesome music videos for kids--sort of a new version of Schoolhouse Rock. I'll probably post a bunch more of them, because they are much fun. :D
Yup! That's a fun bit of serendipity. :b

I'm going to forward your email to my dad, because he's been doing a lot of reading about that kind of school and scheming to come up with a reason to visit one of them for a while.

Well, when he's not drowning in papers that need to be graded.
Yeah, you should definitely talk to my dad about this--I think you'll find there are fewer reasons to slam this approach to learning than you'd think.

*goes to forward email*
Well, I can't even see it so I can't really say if I have ever seen it or not? LOL Big box little red X for me!
I don't get it? Before I even went to open my mail I had an update for the player and it said it was successful, so how can I not have the latest player. I can't see it at your link either?
Never had a problem watching stuff there before? Can you link me to the update for flash?
This should be the most recent version: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Another thing to try is clearing out your cache (it should be under "tools > clear recent history" or something like that. I'm using firefox, so if you've got a different browser it's probably labeled differently).

I hope one of these works for you, because if not, I really am all out of ideas. My strategy when it comes to computer problems is basically "keep hitting it until it does what I want". Which usually works, but does have its limits.

...So I guess maybe I owe TMBG a mental apology, for all of my mental (and vocal) grumblings that it just wasn't FAIR that they suddenly became a children's band! Because this is delightful...which in my heart of hearts I knew must be so. But dang it, their grown-up songs were such childish (yet cuttingly truthful) fun, it would've been nice not to have lost the chance for new ones. Still, I must admit--a generation growing up on child-safe TMBG? What an awesome idea! ^^

Thanks mucho muchly for posting!!
I must admit, this is my first exposure to TMBG, so I can't really speak as to their not-for-kids stuff, but if it's the same quality, I'm sure it's pretty awesome.

Of course, there's never enough awesome kid's music out there. Right now I'm wishing I had some kids (or rather, that my sister and her husband did) so that I could get the DVD for them.
I' only have the one album, Flood, because by the time I decided to buy more, my older kids were already fans...but I couldn't find another album that didn't have at least one song not suitable (to my motherly mind) for teens. But that album, and their singles from other albums, had such a unique sound and outlook! A lot of it was kids' music for grown-ups, really, and I wouldn't be surprised if they've recycled some of their older songs for their children's albums. I certainly hope so! I'm sure children would appreciate Birdhouse in Your Soul or Particle Man as much as I do!
...And then, there's the classic "We Want A Rock"!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amUowhHVBM4 (I was going to find the video and post it on my own LJ but I can't find a good version, so here's essentially just the audio.) Listen if you will, and marvel. Because, yes, this song was recorded 15 years before TMBG became a children's band. ^^
^^ I've always wondered exactly how incredibly bizarre that song must sound to someone who's never been a Trek fan...!