Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

not a review: in which brat breaks up with television

mostly, not completely, but check in again after this season of burn notice is done (no caps or italics because my fingers have just about gone numb; we keep our thermostat waaaaay down during winter).

have been watching life (that would be capped and italicized if my fingers were working), and as dad says, it's really nice to watch a show and know that it's more or less one story. that is, there are the individual cases that mostly don't carry over, but the character development does, and of course charlie trying to figure out who framed him is on-going. but watching life and this balance of arc and episodic made me (us) realize how flat a mostly-just-episodic show like ncis (also capped and italicized) is. the characters haven't really changed in 6 seasons (we're halfway through 6, and going to stop with it, when my netflix account runs out), and after a while the whole thing just sort of loses its flavor. and honestly, leverage (capped, italicized) is the same, despite my earlier gleefulness about it. i keep forgetting that when i'm intensely enthusiastic about something, i'm usually disillusioned about it two weeks later.

it's kind of annoying.

but it is teaching me (very slowly, sometimes painfully) to reserve judgment before spending any money or recommending a thing to other people. flashforward (capped, italicized) is an example of this--really liked the first two episodes and then lost any and all interest quickly after that. characters became annoying, plot didn't really go anywhere, and the whole thing just sort of flopped. which is a pity, because it had the potential to be really interesting.

am down to three current shows that i'm watching, all of which are currently on hiatus, two until january, one indefinitely. and i've decided that as they come to an end (or lose my interest) i am going to try very hard (imagine those last two words in all caps, please) not to pick up any new ones. which will be difficult, because i'm a sucker for stories, but there are other ways i want to spend my time, like actually interacting with my family, or telling my own stories. i'm hoping that if i can just gradually cut down on distractions, i'll be able to gradually beef up my writing. we'll see, but i am optimistic.

okay, can't really bend my fingers any more, so time for bed and lots of blankets.
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