it's snowing!

for real, streets covered and everything, which never happens this early in the season.

what is awesome?

snow is awesome!
(batman is also awesome)
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So what state are you in so I can gage when we will be getting dumped on? We are expecting our rain to become snow later tonight, but with all this rain it will be a layer of ice under the snow!
Southeast PA. Snow started around noon and is still going strong. Air temps were/are in the mid-30s.

And it is glorious!

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I'm above you and to the east on Long Island NY and we have had non-stop rain since very early this morning. I expect when it changes over we will have a very lovely ice skating rink with a covering of snow on top. Hope all is well even with the lovely flakes. If that was all we were getting I wouldn't mind, but I do mind the ice!
We get it too rarely for it every to be boring--and the weather people are forever over-estimating how much we'll get, so it's mostly an exercise in frustration. But every now and then we get surprised and it is lovely.
*Pouts* I want snow. But we live in Kansas, that has yet to make up its mind about which season it wants to be in.
We're definitely in winter. The temperatures are only in the 30-45 range, but it's damp and windy and going outside leaves your face feeling like it's going to peel off.
Ooh, I'm in Southeast PA too. I love snow! Only problem is when I have to shovel it off the sidewalk, but other than that, totally amazing :D
We have the winning combination of no sidewalk and a driveway that melts itself clear at the first sign of sun, so there's no downside for us. :D
No snow here but then again there's no sun. Where on earth have you gone Summer. Oh, you'll be mid thirties (Celsius) by Wednesday? That's much better. I'm not liking the chill after getting adjusted to the hotter weather.
Oh, the fun of Celsius vs. Fahrenheit: 30's is freezing around here (and if it currently was, we'd be knee-deep in snow right now. But no, it's just wet and nasty and I'll have to go out in it in 45 minutes to go to church.