love your snails! the one crawling up the wall is delusional and thinks it's a spider.
The Great Turtle Escape
Did I ever tell you about the box turtles we used to keep in our backyard? Since we couldn't get a dog or a cat, we made up for it with a plethora of animals that could be kept in pens or aquariums. These box turtles lived in a little corner of our backyard, kept in by some chicken wire. They were okay pets (I mean, these turtles weren't half as interesting as your turtles), but apparently they were unhappy being pets. We found this out one night when my mom went out after sunset to check on the turtles, and the beam of her flashlight catches one in the act of escaping! He was hanging on the chicken wire, perpendicular to the ground and about a foot and a half up the fence! How in the world do turtles climb fences?!? They're turtles! But I guess he really wanted out. Perhaps they can defy gravity at will, like snails. :P
Re: The Great Turtle Escape
We had a turtle once, for about two weeks. He also escaped somehow--probably out under a corner of the fencing somehow. (But he was kind of mean, so we didn't really mind.) I'm not sure how a turtle would go up, although I suppose they do have claws...