every year, thanksgiving raises a very important question; also, halp!

Poll #1491470 very important poll!11!!1!eleventy-one!

what's the best kind of pie?

silly rabbit, there is no such thing as "batman pie" because that would be cannibalism!

Also, two weeks ago a few people left comments and in response I wound up writing almost 1,000 words I wouldn't have otherwise, so thanks to them and let's try it again!

All you have to do is write one sentence (or if you're feeling lazy/uninspired, a single word will do), such as: The sky is very green today, or I wish the unicorn would stop eating my roses. In return, you'll get the next bit of Things Already Seen. Which you may not care about, but I'm trying to get it out of my head so help me out, would you?
My mom makes Dutch apple pie, which is pretty much the best substance known to man. (To whom does that quote belong? It is awesome)

Aaand, more fastforwarding!


The first time they did this, John had taken Ford with him, mostly because he didn't really know anyone (had chosen not to) and Ford had obeyed his few orders without hesitation. He hadn't been thinking beyond *bring them home*, and so hadn't even considered what would've happened if all they'd failed, if the platoon had been left without officers and Atlantis without military leadership.

In the alien sunlight, Ford looks young, so young, and something twists inside of John, hard and sharp. They’re all so young. Innocent in the best and worst way.

“Lieutenant, I’m giving you charge of the city. Make sure she’s here for us to come back to.” *Make sure no one dies ahead of schedule*, he thinks but doesn’t say---swallows once against the words pushing their way up his throat. Enters the puddle jumper, where Markham waits as his uneasy copilot, sends it away with a thought and the barest touch.

He doesn’t look back (not that he could; the puddle jumpers don’t come equipped with rearview mirrors).

*I leave you more than half my heart: guard it well.*
Thanks for the snippet--'tis lovely, as they all are! Though I'm not as clear as perhaps I should be on "Mack"--is that Sumner??

Er...sorry to have teased you with the "quote," but I made it up out of nothing but a weird mood and random, half-remembered literary influences. (^_^')
No, don't apologize! The quote is awesome, and even more so because you came up with it.

And yes, "Mack" is Sumner referring to himself, and has been changed to "Marshall" in the master copy to make it marginally less confusing, because I doubt he thinks of himself by his last name. I don't remember why he was Mack instead of Marshall in this first draft...a residual from something <lj user="smittywing" wrote, I think.