every year, thanksgiving raises a very important question; also, halp!

Poll #1491470 very important poll!11!!1!eleventy-one!

what's the best kind of pie?

silly rabbit, there is no such thing as "batman pie" because that would be cannibalism!

Also, two weeks ago a few people left comments and in response I wound up writing almost 1,000 words I wouldn't have otherwise, so thanks to them and let's try it again!

All you have to do is write one sentence (or if you're feeling lazy/uninspired, a single word will do), such as: The sky is very green today, or I wish the unicorn would stop eating my roses. In return, you'll get the next bit of Things Already Seen. Which you may not care about, but I'm trying to get it out of my head so help me out, would you?
I don't know how anyone can't love pecan pie (and all it's scrumptious variations), but everyone has different tastes. ;-)

Second place would have to go to pumpkin. Although I love apples, I've never met an apple pie that didn't disappoint in one way or another. And, frankly, I'm not a big crust fan - I just want the filling.

Sheppard sure is having a challenging day, isn't he? Just the way we like it.
Challenging and long. Or at least it feels long to me when I consider all that's left for me to write! :P