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reviews: leverage and other things

So, Leverage. I've been hearing about this show for a while, and how much love it is and stuff, and having finally seen it all I can say is YES. This is the show I didn't know I was looking for, because basically it's Ocean's 11, only with the con men as the really truly good guys so I can cheer for them with a clear conscience. And the characters are all so ridiculous and fun, except for Nate when he's being stupid and damaged. But even then it's really hard to tell when he's really being stupid and damaged and when he's just faking it for the job, so.

Yeah, the plots all have ginormous holes you could drive a truck through (or an ambulance, in the case of the last episode we watched) but that's standard for the genre so I don't care. As long as they're not blatant about it, I'll happily do all the handwaving for them.

Also did some reading (around the edges of watching and working and trying to write): The Painted Word by Tom Wolfe, which is a very funny and easy read on the progress (if you can call it that) of modern art (maybe that should be Modern "art"). And The Ballad of the White Horse by G.K. Chesterton, which has been called by a number of people the last great epic poem (or something along those lines). It's the story of King Alfred, and although the verse stumbles at times, when it sings it sings, and reading it made me want to read all the other great epics and also move to England. Except England isn't like that anymore, which is sad. Where have all the great men gone?
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