this is just a placeholder

i have a turtle doodle/cartoon/thingy (actually, i have a bunch), i just didn't get around to scanning it, uploading it, etc. will do so tomorrow. just so you know.

also, i have decided i'm not going to try to make sense of sga canon. if i like it, i'm keeping it. if not, i'll bend it until it makes sense or just pretend it didn't happen at all. (this realization brought to you by elizabeth in amber, which i may or may not remember to link to tomorrow. it's the latest thing over at gentle_edgar)

also also, why didn't they ever do anything with the Ancient city on athos? y'know, the one that sumner went to explore while john was running around with teyla. srsly, how cool would that have been to play with? it's definitely going to show up somewhere in Things Already Seen, which will probably be called TAS from now on because i'm lazy.