5 things that happen at some point in Things Already Seen

1. "Well, once there was this kid named Bruce whose father was a healer, although his father and grandfather had been wealthy traders. One evening, because Bruce asked, he and his parents went for a walk to watch the stars come out. But the Wraith came and took both of Bruce's parents, sucking the life out of them while Bruce watched. For some reason, though, they didn't eat Bruce--just left him there with the bodies of his parents.

"So Bruce grew up with only Alfred, the family servant, for companionship...."

2. Rodney at the firing range. Rodney and Elizabeth? (and Radek? or a whole bushel of civilians?) Because John's seen enough of the future to know that the Marines aren't going to be enough to keep everyone safe, so the rest of the expedition needs to be able to defend themselves effectively. (Also, Rodney at the firing range seems like comedy gold)

3. Ford learns to fly! AKA Crazy John's flight school.

4. Sanctuary remix: in which John spins things a little to Sumner, Chaya is less than helpful, and the audience gets something like an explanation for the way things happened the first time around.

5. "Once upon a time," he said, and closed his eyes so he could pretend no one was listening. "Once upon a time, there was a boy named John."
1. Because Batman ALWAYS belongs. ^^

2. Because Rodney, anywhere, makes all right with the universe. This is my view tonight especially, after watching SGU 1.07. Would Universe be more right and good with Rodney in it? Couldn't be worse, I'm sure. =(

3. Somehow the image that comes to me is a barrel of monkeys, but only two of them, and in a very high-tech barrel. ^___^

4. Sounds promising! There can never be too many Sanctuary remixes, and there must be SOME explanation for it!!

5. Because that's how all the best stories start. ^^

6. Big squeezy hugs for you and Things!! I want so much to read all of it. Because SGA + Brat = love. ^_____^
1. The Pegasus version of Batman is pretty much the greatest reverse runner ever--he (and a couple of Wraith-orphaned kids he picks up along the way) use hacked transmitters removed from runners as bait in various traps and turn Gotham into the best place to hide from Wraith ever, with the help of Gordon, the mayor/whatever.

(John pretty quickly stops trying to adapt published story lines and simply makes them up whole-cloth, and the Athosian kids adore it--and their parents hear enough of it that eventually Batman (who dresses like a bat in order to hide who/what he is from the Wraith and so reduce the chances of retribution) starts showing up in stories and conversations on the various worlds where the Athosians trade...and so on from there.

I'm really looking forward to writing these bit and pieces, but I'm a little afraid that the above will turn into its own, new monster.