5 people Sumner wanted to disbelieve but couldn't [sga]

1. The doctors, first when they said Janice could never have children, later when they said she had six months to live. (She lasted eight, but even now Mack's not sure the last month and a half were worth it.)

2. O'Neill, when the bastard said that not only were there aliens, but the Air Force'd been palling around with them for years.

3. The base doctor when she told him about the aliens that like to crawl up inside peoples' heads--funny how O'Neill left out that part. (Things like that shouldn't exist, but they do, and that's why he wears camo and carries guns and goes to dangerous places--though his siblings have never understood this and likely never will.)

4. His niece Bitsy when she announced that she was going to marry her history professor, despite the man being 23 years older than her. (Turns out the professor's a decent man and a surprisingly good shot and much better company than most of his new in-laws. Still not good enough for Bitsy, but no one would be, really.)

5. Sheppard, when the major sits down in Mack's temporary office and says that he's actually from a year in the future and that Mack had died on the hive ship the first time around. (He's seen madmen and pranksters and idiots, and Sheppard's none of those. There's too much weight to his words, too many things left unspoken.)
Are you going to write the story of #5? It'd be lots of fun to read.
#4 was a surprise, but I actually think I really really like it and want to know a little bit more of that side of Sumner. (also: Bitsy was a SWEET name choice)
#4 presented itself unexpectedly, which is almost always lovely when it happens (though occasionally depressing).

Sumner is, or at least my version of him is a devoted uncle who is almost more of a parent to his nieces and nephews than their actual parents. His siblings (his wife was only child) are all . . . very permissive and absent from their children's lives, whereas Mack, despite spending a lot of time out of the country, keeps in close touch and sends gifts and is generally as involved as his job allows. (Janice visited her in-laws often and was a favorite of the children, who were all devastated when she died.) The youngest boy is planning on joining the Marines because of him, and Bitsy's involved in some military-focused charity that I haven't done research on yet.

(also: Bitsy was a SWEET name choice)
*laughs* I picked it out the way I do most names nowadays, which is to simply start running through my mental list until one of them snags my attention. When I was younger I'd spend loads of time finding names that had just the right meaning etc, but now all I do is double check that it's not one I've used already/recently. Seems to work pretty well.