word of the week: umbrella (alternately: friend)

n. an odd-looking structure employed in an attempt to shelter one's self from excessive rain or sunshine

n. someone who will hold an umbrella over you so that you may drown dryly

this is a fairly accurate representation of the past week's weather
awwww! a mini umbrella for the turtle. Did the trip to see Grandma in the Galapagos go well? Considering how many turtles were in a previous picture, I knew it had to be a family visit of some kind.

It's been pretty wet here too.

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I'm afraid you're ascribing too much continuity and planning to these things--they're pretty much just random pictures that happen to include the same two characters, give or take a few butterflies, birds, snails, and the occasional half-a-dozen turtles. But I'm glad you're enjoying them! :D