question for my sga peeps

He would willingly die for any innocent, but for his team, for Atlantis, he would destroy himself and do it with a smile. --This, for me, is the essential core of John Sheppard. Behind everything he does or says (in my version of things, anyway), this is the main motivation. Oh, there are other bits that are important: he's a flyboy, a not-so-closet geeky goof, more comfortable expressing his feelings with actions than with words, etc. But many of those things are somewhat dependent on circumstance, and are descriptors, not driving forces.

I'm not sure about the other characters. Teyla's is bound up with the preservation of the Athosians, I think, but as I said. *shrugs*

What motivations/core essences do you see driving/defining the various characters? Particularly through season one?

In related matters, I think I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year, but instead of starting yet another novel that won't make it past a couple thousand words, I'm going to work on plowing through Things Already Seen. Which is technically against the rules, but I'm not planning on claiming victory or whatever--I just want to get this thing written, and I'm hoping NaNo might help me stay focused. Give me a writing schedule, that kind of thing. Here's hoping, because I'm tired of having stuff just sit and stare at me.
...I keep trying to respond to this comment and then keep getting scared off by how comprehensive an answer it is to the question. (Yes, I am ridiculous, I know. Sorry.)

Um. John. I think the thing is that although he's willing to sacrifice his life, he's not going to simply throw it away. He has to believe there's either a possibility he'll survive or a certainty that there's no other way.
KERAS: Would you not willingly give your life if it were necessary?
SHEPPARD: It'd have to be really necessary.

Of course, what he considers necessary doesn't always align with what those around him consider necessary.

Her focus is always what is best for her people.
Yes. This is it exactly, I think, which is why she would never seriously consider doing something like going with the expedition when they got kicked out of Atlantis in The Return. They're her friends and perhaps even surrogate family, but the Athosians are her people and her duty lies with them.

I wonder if part of what drives Rodney is the need to be valued and recognized for his genius? He certainly makes sure everyone around him is aware of it....

And I think you wrote my character summary for Ford, whom I've always felt very unsure of. (I started watching the show at season 2 and didn't go back to season 1 for years, so Ford's always sort of been 'crazy druggie' to me, even though I know that's not fair to the character. One of my goals for Things Already Seen is to explore and develop his character more, particularly since he'll have Sumner to interact with as well.)