question for my sga peeps

He would willingly die for any innocent, but for his team, for Atlantis, he would destroy himself and do it with a smile. --This, for me, is the essential core of John Sheppard. Behind everything he does or says (in my version of things, anyway), this is the main motivation. Oh, there are other bits that are important: he's a flyboy, a not-so-closet geeky goof, more comfortable expressing his feelings with actions than with words, etc. But many of those things are somewhat dependent on circumstance, and are descriptors, not driving forces.

I'm not sure about the other characters. Teyla's is bound up with the preservation of the Athosians, I think, but as I said. *shrugs*

What motivations/core essences do you see driving/defining the various characters? Particularly through season one?

In related matters, I think I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year, but instead of starting yet another novel that won't make it past a couple thousand words, I'm going to work on plowing through Things Already Seen. Which is technically against the rules, but I'm not planning on claiming victory or whatever--I just want to get this thing written, and I'm hoping NaNo might help me stay focused. Give me a writing schedule, that kind of thing. Here's hoping, because I'm tired of having stuff just sit and stare at me.
That's the distinction I guess I would make between Rodney and John, I guess - John is about people, his team. While Rodney loves his team, he is about something a little less tangible, perhaps the city as a whole; in a way, his burden is broader than John's, though John's is heavier.

Hm. I actually think I'd swap that around (maybe? as you say, it's tricky). John cares deeply (perhaps a little too much) for those he considers "his", but when he knows that he has to sacrifice someone for the sake of everyone else, he'll do it. I'm thinking specifically of the whole Elizabeth thing at the beginning of season 4(?), where John makes the call not to use the nanotech to save Elizabeth and Rodney does it anyway, but I think there are a couple other examples of this that I just can't recall at the moment.