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reviews: Dr. Horrible, Flash Forward, Astro City, Pogo

Take two! because my computer crashed inexplicably part way through the first attempt at this. It's short today because I'm currently halfway through Good Omens (and giggling all the while--thanks for the rec, ninepointfivemm) and want to get back to it.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: brilliantly funny and tragic, as promised, and the music was excellent. Found myself wondering what happens next.

Flash Forward: started watching this at the behest of a friend, and am glad I did. I've always had a thing for figuring out the various consequences of some cataclysmic or otherwise large-scale unexpected event, and this is all about that. So far the characters are believable and consistent and not too cookie-cutter, although the hero of the tale does skate pretty close. But I like the ensemble and the slow build-up and piecing-together of things, so I think I'll keep watching this one. At least as long as ABC keeps airing it--they dropped Defying Gravity mid-run with no word why or when they'll pick it up again. grrrrr

Astro City vol. 1: pretty and enjoyable and just sort of good-humored and stuff. The library only has the first volume, but I'm definitely going to try to locate the rest of them. Even if they get darker, I really like the premise and the characters and the internal consistency of it all. Also, it's a lot like the superhero stories I keep telling in my head, which makes it even more enjoyable.

Pogo--the music dude, not the possum. He does, I dunno, electronica? Something like that? All I know is his music is free and great for grooving along to at work. And it's great fun trying to ID the teeny-tiny bits from movies he's got mashed in there.
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