because bruce is marvelous, but i finally managed to dig up some batman icons that don't hurt to look at.

also, completely unrelated to batman, i feel like i'm balanced just wrong at the moment, and if i could get a tiny nudge in the right direction, i'd start writing up a storm and being tremendously productive and creative and stuff. ahaaaaaaaaha. why can't i just do the stuff i want to do?

maybe if i clean my room? it's kind of not writing/drawing-conducive right now.

what batman icon should i use?


(if this kills your loading time, let me know and i'll lj-cut it)
Because I couldn't pick more than one:

I like the last one as well, and the second one. The third one is a bit too angsty 80s batman for my taste, though. Basically, my choice came down to "Ooh! Babies!"

And now I must return to The Lab Paper That Won't Get Written. Ugh.
I'm still torn--#1's the most popular, but I really like #2, and as you say: babies! (I almost included this: , but figured I'd stick with a more standard batman for the moment.)

(...or maybe not. Maybe I'll use baby!Terry as an interim batman icon. Hm.)

re: The Lab Paper That Won't Get Written, you have my sympathies. I've been there. Sometimes it feels like I'm still there, what with the stories that won't get written, the letters and emails that won't get written, and not to mention the checks that won't get written and the bank statements that won't get looked at.... *sighs*