poem: if i were a bird

If I were a bird,
I would chirp like a bird
with a high little cry.
I would not say a word.
I would sit in my nest
with my head on my chest,
being a bird.

If I were a fish,
I would swim like a fish
silently finning
with nary a swish,
just finning through sea weed
in search of a free weed,
being a fish.

If I were a larkspur,
I'd stand in the sun,
growing up slowly
until I was done.
I'd rest in the breeze
with some leaves on my knees,
being a larkspur.

If I were a sandwich,
I'd sit on a plate
and think of my middle
until someone ate
End of the sandwich.

Karla Kuskin
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This is going on the poetry board in our common room. Did I mention that we've got a poetry board? The two doubles and a few singles on our end of Gilliam are all cool girls, and one of them started the year with a poem and a note that we should add our own favorites. Things sort of steamrolled from there. We've just had quite a spat of A.A. Milne (currently covered up with a cool PB Shelley quote), but I think this'll be a nice addition.
sounds like fun! i tried to do something like that my freshman year, but there were objections (someone didn't like parodies of famous poems as written by cats).

this poem is dandy, but i'm saving my favorite by kuskin for next week--we'll see what peoples' reactions are. ;D