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5 ways different characters deal with ill-health [batman; sga; peter pan; song of roland]

because i'm all about spreading the misery, man.

1. Brucie plays it up; Batman plays it down. Bruce is (mostly) quietly miserable, and wishes frequently that the cave had central heating---and ignores Alfred when he points out that upstairs might be a better place to play invalid. But Alfred's chicken soup makes the world a better place, and bed, when Bruce finally reaches it, is warm and welcoming.

2. John rarely gets sick, most likely because his mom was (he's pretty darn sure) an alien. But when something does slip past his not-exactly-human immune system, the consequences tend to be swift and brutal: 24 hours straight spent trying to heave up his intestines (and another day with an IV to combat severe dehydration), a fever high enough that his squad quite seriously thought his brains were going to get cooked, a childhood case of chicken pox that basically turned his skin into one giant, fiercely itching blister. He never complains, though, beyond what's necessary to reassure those around him. After all, unless it's fatal or chronic, he'll recover from it soon enough, and that's really all anyone can ask for.

3. Teyla's been sick twice that she can remember: on her first trip through the gate with her father, though she was so young at the time that she can now scarcely remember the experience. Just her father's almost-smothering fear and panic and her own utter shock at her body's treachery. And again, several years after his death, when she's been the Athosian leader long enough for people to stop looking at her oddly when they think she can't see---she would give almost anything to feel suffocated by him again, to have his cool, dry hand against her cheek. Anything, even her perfect health.

4. Peter never gets sick, but the lost boys inevitably do whenever a new one shows up. They cough and hack and wipe their noses on their sleeves (or the backs of their hands, if they don't have sleeves) and Peter disappears for a week or two until the last of them is well again.

5. Roland is magnificently and loudly (and bizarrely) unhappy, and Orlando can't help being somewhat impressed by the fuss the man manages to make over a sore throat or stuffy nose. Orland almost always gets sick just as soon as Roland's recovered, and usually worse, though whether because he's worn out from running around taking care of Roland or because he's not as strong as Roland. . . .

Well. Some arguments just aren't worth having.
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