Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

slightly boring poll. also, fic from august & september

i've been thinking about changing my lj theme. should i?

yes! and i will tell you to what you should change it in the comments
no! keep it just the way it is
maybe tweak a few things! and i will tell you what in the comments
eh! makes no difference to me

Packing. Snippet about that band that's set up shop in my head thanks to siegeofangels' NaNoWriMo project last year. (I think it was last year. Two years ago? Something like that.)
Vroom Vroom. John, Teyla, and going fast.
Envy. Roland wonders why other people get all the publicity. Orlando fails to pay bills with pocket lint.
An Old Joke. Sateda, before.

sorta not-fic
5 ways it might have gone after John kissed Rodney. Time stamps for Stalked. A bit less silly than I was expecting. Actually, a lot less silly than I was expecting.
Tags: all fiction, fanfiction, meme/poll, miscellaneous fandoms, original fiction, stargate

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