The timeless birthday sight Brat-person and turtle form! I love it!!! Is this a hint of some sort? Because if it's your birthday, I wish you a very, very joyous and blessed one!

...Also, I need permission to snerch this, possibly colorize it, and give it to my hubby on Friday. Because you have lovely timing. ^^
Nope, no hint--just made this for someone's birthday last week and thought I'd share. And please, feel free to use this in any way you feel inclined! For some reason the tip of the little dude's hat got cut off in the first picture--I can re-scan it for you if you'd like.
Thanks muchly for the permission, and for the offer to re-scan! No need, though--I'm a Photoshop madwoman, so his hat won't be tipless for long. ^^
Happy Birthday! Is it your birthday? Or the turtle's? I really like this doodle! If it is your birthday, please let me know, so that I can get you a gift.
Nope, just a friend's, last week. But I liked the way the card turned out and thought I'd share. My birthday happened back in August, while I was on vacation.