Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

evidently the moral of the unwritten story is i should stick to polls

Poll #1456662 Part I of the "Things Already Seen" brainstorming poll

John unintentionally travels back in time. Does he tell

No one, and try to fix things entirely on his own?
Sumner, because John doesn't want to get thrown in the brig?
Elizabeth, because she's the boss/John's used to working with her/other?
Ford, because Ford actually sometimes listens to John and can help him finagle things?
Rodney, because who else would he tell?
Teyla, because she's outside the system/the native guide and can help finagle where they go, and when?
Someone else? (Bates, anyone?)
No one, but things go very wrong? (Yeah, I'm not writing this one)

If someone else, who is it?

Tags: meme/poll, stargate

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