today is an honorary saturday

Because I spent almost all of yesterday (well, not quite, but it feels like it) at wedding festivities and I'm not at church today because being around more people might make me scream. Well, not really, but I'd consider it.

So, since today is an honorary Saturday and I'm actually at home! and don't have to go to work! and won't have to tomorrow either! please ignore the hash I've made of this sentence! thank you! have a poll.

you have the day off. do you:

stay in bed all day and then have breakfast for dinner
spend the day doing all the little things you don't usually have time for
go out! do stuff! spend money! have fun! help! the exclamation points are holding me hostage!
go lie in the sun
sorry, that's all the options you're getting
Ooh, I'm so average! "Puttering" is exactly the word for what I do, though--take the whole day at half-speed, and do whatever I feel most motivated to do. ^^
I love puttering in tandem with my dad--occasionally his teaching schedule will allow it and we'll wander around the yard doing random 10 minute tasks, talking about the various projects we'd like to do but will never have the time/energy/money for. It's remarkably relaxing.