a smattering of things watched and read during vacation

Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey - Much fun, as it combines two of my favorite things: horses and a con-job-turned-quest-for-justice. Although it was weird to keep reading my pseudonym used in reference to someone else. (Should I be worried about that?)

Various Dick Francis novels - He writes basically the same main character in a variety of settings and circumstances (usually related to racing, somehow), but that's great by me because it's the kind of guy I really like: ordinary, but inventive and with a steel of spine. Competent. Self-sacrificing. A man of integrity and grit.

Also, various Terry Pratchett - I think I have Night Watch mostly memorized by now, and it just keeps getting better.

A Journey of Imagination by James Christensen - This guy is my favorite living artist. If you haven't checked out his art, go: you should. It is awesome. (And quirky and profound and beautiful and downright silly and pretty much everything good.)

Burn Notice season one - Well, really, the commentary tracks, which are chopped down to just the interesting bits. But still, so much awesome. I love how crazy-competent everyone is, and the witty banter and painful conversations and the explosions and pretty much everything. If I could watch only one current TV show, this would be it.

MirrorMask - Slightly crazy, very beautiful, and one of those movies where if I go back to watch just one scene, I wind up watching the whole thing all over again. If you haven't seen it, definitely do.

Coraline - Another Neil Gaiman movie, rather creepier than the other, but still excellent.

Oh, and The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, vol. 1 - So much crazy awesomeness. Definitely better in print than onscreen, and I'm definitely getting the next 2 volumes at some point in the not-too-distant future.
I'm currently reading A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett. It was a little rocky about holding me at first, but I'm getting into it.

I need to get Coraline on DVD already. I really enjoyed it.
Yeah, Hat has a somewhat slow beginning, but by the end it's a rollicking good yarn. (Although I will admit I haven't read it in a while. Something I ought to remedy.)

Coraline is definitely a keeper. Have you read the book?
Yeah, I read the book. It was a little hard to get into at first, but after a while really picks up. And though I know this is probably, incredibly wrong to say, I enjoyed the movie a bit more than the book *ducks rotten tomatoes*.
Nah, there are a few movies I too think are better than the books inspiring them (even Sense and Sensibility, *gasp*).
My family's actually in pretty dire need of doing that to our entire house. We have books that you can't get to because there are other books piled in front of most of our book cases.