Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

the song of the bandersnatch, or, "laugh," said the snail: the story of three children and a rabbit

Prologue. In which very little is said.
1. In which James considers a lobotomy.
2. In which Julia wishes she were a nun.
3. In which many things happen, most of them unintended.
4. In which the rabbit proves himself to be more intelligent than the rest of the bunch.
5. In which Julia forgets to lock a door.
6. In which the rabbit, unlike George, is an innocent bystander.
7. In which Julia learns why one oughtn't call people (or tigers) names.
8. In which George goes down the rabbit hole and doesn't like it.
9. In which James grievously injures himself.
10. In which Julia is an idiot.
11. In which James lets the rabbit out of the cage and quickly regrets having done so.
12. In which George meets the rabbit.
13. In which George and the rabbit quarrel.
14. In which Julia feels left out and a snail gives her a flower that may be of great significance.
15. In which George states his displeasure with being chewed on by an octopus.
16. In which James discovers his toenails.
17. In which Julia falls down a well and dines on treacle.
18. In which the rabbit makes a speech and no one pays attention.
19. In which everyone wishes they had.
20. In which there is a penguin. Briefly.
21. In which the rabbit is uncharacteristically succinct.
22. In which the story is told in the style of another author.
23. In which the penguin makes a second, slightly less brief appearance.
24. In which James unexpectedly wakes up in his bedroom.
25. In which the word "Oz" is bandied about.
26. In which Julia is struck upon the head.
27. In which there is no hope of a happy ending.
28. In which James cries.
29. In which we learn the history of the Jubjub bird.
30. In which James crawls underneath the covers and comes out somewhere impossible.
31. In which George and the rabbit reconcile.
32. In which Julia is brave.
33. In which many things happen, most of them intended.
34. In which grave peril is laughed at.
35. In which James becomes the hero of the story.
36. In which there is an ending.
37. In which they eat ice cream.
38. In which real life must be faced.
Epilogue. In which the significance of the flower is explained.
Tags: all fiction, original fiction, silly things

  • february is apparently snow month this year

    I REALLY wish we still got snow days--February would've been nearly as much vacation as work, this year. :P


    :cackles maniacally: Just in time, too--our front lawn was starting to show grass again. It's all safely covered up now!

  • let it snow, let it snow (it did actually snow another 2 inches, btw)

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