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Original fiction

A Good Man. Why is it always the long-lost prince that has to overthrow the tyrant?

Antipathy. There's no real reason for her to dislike him.

Gray Day. There are no words to express....

The Scent of Apricots. All the empty places left behind.

Things Go Bump In the Night. Spatulas, paper towels, amnesia.

Umbrella. Well, he could always spend the night at the library.

Down the Arches of the Years. Pursuer, pursued. An unending chase.

Corbel & Squinch's Universal Compendium of Everything (original snippet). Odd, Ian didn’t sound like he was joking.

Corbel & Squinch's Universal Compendium of Everything (unfinished, for NaNoWriMo '06). one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | fragments

Postmarked. Want to send a postcard to your family, but don’t want them to know that you actually went to Glitz City? Afraid of being tracked down by creditors? Mail it here first, include the appropriate postage and a dollar per page, and we’ll send it off. No fuss, and no way for it to be traced back to you.

Roses and Magic: a how-to guide.

Nanny Goats. A question of definition.

On the Care and Feeding of Mammoths. George’s da was the first one to recover, although it was a while before he said anything printable. He wasn’t really angry, just shocked and a little worried about his sheep.

Oops. The perils of the untamed kitchen.
What's my icon of? Um. I'm not sure how to answer that, besides to say "a cowboy". If you're asking something more along the lines of "why a cowboy?", then I point you in the direction of the wonderful book Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey, where the main character (for whom the book is titled) was once a cowboy.

I'm afraid this isn't very coherent. Sorry.
Oh, hey, things to read. :D Exactly what I need, what with my ever-growing pile of authors/books on my "to-read" list.