I'm sorry, there is no third option
(No I'm not sorry, mosquitoes are the worst part about summer)
Actually, mosquitoes are the second worst part about summer. The worst part of summer is the chiggers. I have gotten so many chigger bites. My ankles are so tender.
I have never experienced chiggers, and hope to keep it that way. Although I do get bitten mostly on the feet and lower legs--probably because I'm less likely to notice in time to squash the buggers.
It's a little, teeny-tiny red bug that you get in the woods. They leave itchy red bites that look like poison ivy.
Ick! Do you find them in Florida? I'm looking at going to Orlando and New York next year and considering we have our own share of the yuckies, I don't want to share yours! :D
Yeah, you find them in Florida, but unless you plan on going out into the woods (Not likely, as it's Orlando, city of tourism and concrete), you'll be fine. I generally get them walking barefoot or laying in the grass. I don't consider them bad (as they generally don't carry diseases here and their bites aren't life-threatening), just annoying. It's not like the occasional scorpion you find in Texas. So if you do touristy stuff? You can avoid them.

The wiki article says if you're from Australia, you have them and call them a different name.

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The article looks like they are more common in Queensland and I'm down south where it's colder *Brrrr* Nasty little buggers!
I hate them with a passion. I was never affraid to take my parrots outside to sit with me, but with west nile I'm affraid to take them out at all and when I go into the house I try to make sure there is nothing around by the door!
Oh, that's too bad! There haven't been any West Nile cases reported around where I am---or if there have, no one's said anything. But I remember how freaky it was a couple summers ago when there was a big scar about it.
We still have that here and it's a big deal every year. They are always counting/testing dead birds and spraying.
I just got back from camping and those blood suckers of evil would hover right above my skin and dive bomb any place that wasn't marinated in bug spray.

Also, awkwardly and TMI enough, I have four bites on the side of my hip 3-4 inches below my waistline...I have no idea how they got there.
We're going to be up in Mass. for a week, right by a lake, and I'm reeeeally hoping I don't have to spend the entire time inside. Because about the only thing that works for me is screens and lots of smoke and both make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors.

Hm. Don't think I've ever been bitten there, although I've also had a couple cases of "how the heck...?" Hope it's not too itchy and awkward.