review(ish): 1776

I want to say something about this musical that's thoughtful and thought-provoking and worth reading, but I can't seem to manage it. I can say that this is the only musical that I walk away from feeling almost too full of---I don't know what. Some blend of gratitude and wonder and resolve. Gratitude for this great (despite her many shortcomings and downright failures) nation I'm a part of, wonder that she even happened, and an almost desperate resolve not to take her existence for granted.

I meant to watch it on July 4th, but everyone else wanted to watch Burn Notice, so we did that instead.

Some blend of gratitude and wonder and resolve.

I first saw this movie at a movie theatre on an Army base in Stuttgart Germany in 1976. I went back every day it was there (spent all my babysitting money!), I was just that enthralled by it. Of course, that was the Bicentennial and there were a lot of historical/patriotic movies out, but this one was special. William Daniels was just spectacular as Adams. I've seen it as a stage production at least a dozen times, I wore out 2 vhs tapes and had to buy a new dvd this year - I watch it a lot. Thankfully, my family likes it enough not to groan too loudly when I drag it out on every patriotic holiday. ;-)
I just saw the stage production a couple weeks ago, and the guy they had playing Adams was pretty much William Daniels' double. It was a little eerie and very very good.

this one was special
For me, I think it's how the writer managed to portray them as real people, with virtues and flaws intact, without suggesting that either negates the other. And the humor and awesome music don't hurt. :)