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huh. that went fast.

Just realized the third birthday of this lj happened a couple days ago. Um. I'm too busy trying to get myself to catch up on my GINORMOUS backlog of stories and things to do another ficlet/time-stamp thingy or much of anything else to celebrate, but I've got time enough to do a quick retrospective. These are the stories that I can reread without wanting to fix, that resonate yes in my bones, that fell neatly into words as if they'd already been written.

2006: Down the Arches of the Years. This is what started it all. The first thing I wrote that felt real and solid enough for me to share with someone not related to me. It's . . . a little odd, though. Opaque. My mom asked me once what it was about and I couldn't tell her.

2007: Discretion. I'm not sure why I like this one so much--something about it just feels right. May be the only existing bit of fanfiction for The Song of Roland.
In Time I Might Be King. I love this. It fell into my head like a gift, and is probably my favorite thing I've written so far. It's the epitome of my John Sheppard.
Perspective. This is my take on love and romance, and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside every time I read it.
The Drift of Eastern Grey. I can't really talk about this one.
To Move Mountains. If In Time I Might Be King is the epitome of John, this is the epitome of John & Rodney & Team.

2008: Things Already Seen (and snippet). I desperately want more of this. I want a whole season--or five, perhaps--of this.
A Laborious Madness. Unfinished; this scene is the only one that I like, and there's a good chance no more of it will ever see the light of day, but I do adore this bit.

2009: Prometheus In Stasis. This is me right now, minus the eagle/liver thing.
That March With Muffled Drum. Because I both do and don't like Barrie's ending to Peter and Wendy.
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