Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

5 ways John Sheppard, Daniel Jackson, and Jack O'Neill wound up sharing a bed [sga, sg-1]

This was one of the sg1_five_things prompts a ways back that I always meant to write but never did, which eventually spun off into what will be a very long story when I finally manage to write it. These are more along the line of notes to myself than anything else, but I thought you might be amused to see what most of my stories look like before they get turned into actual stories.


1. Really, it was just one more reason to hate the Ancients.

(Handcuffs, John and Jack as ‘wardens’, Daniel as ‘prisoner’. Stupid ATA gene.)

2. Daniel probably should have been more freaked out, but he was too busy being worried about Sheppard.

(Daniel and John wind up in a hole barely worthy calling a prison, where John keeps everyone at bay long enough for Jack & Co. to show up, at which point he more or less passes out. I don't remember how the bed was supposed to figure into it.)

3. Big party, not enough beds.

(Or: things the military makes you do in the name of diplomacy.)

4. (Yes yes all right) They all huddle together to conserve body heat.

(Again, I don't remember the exact scenario, although off-hand I can think of at least six possibilities.)

5. Turn the lights out when you go, or, the one that will actually get written someday. No, really. AKA: Atlantis go boom.

(In which John is traumatized and haunted by guilt, Daniel is sleep-deprived, and Jack keeps watch. Oh, and they all share an air mattress at some point.)
Tags: 5 things, alternate universes, stargate

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