rain, rain, go away, come again some other day

I know it's good for water levels, particularly after the string of droughts we've had, but it's beginning to become a bit ridiculous. My boss is going to be out on a baseball field at nine this morning with a bunch of other little-league coaches and four or five shop-vacs, trying to drain the field in time for a noon game---so many games have been rained out this season, it's going to be a struggle getting the season finished before school's out and everyone goes on vacation.

How's your April-May-June been?

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But importantly, it's raining here! \0/ We've had the driest May in ages :(
We must have gotten it all--we've had the wettest May in living memory: 400% more rain than the historical average. No more than two sunny days in a row--and a weekend and a half of rain with only brief and cloudy let-ups.
Could you please send some our way (so I don't have to get up early during summer to water the garden) we're on water restrictions and have under 30% storage levels in our dams :(
Well, the past four or five summers all verged on drought, so this rain is pretty well needed--it just would be nice if we could have a bit more sunshine along the way. I think we're all caught up, though, so I'd send you some if I could. Too bad you can't stick weather in an envelop and mail it!