poison ivy (the plant, not the supervillian)

are you allergic to poison ivy?

yes, horribly
nope, but i am allergic to [fill in the blank]

Much of my lower right arm and leg are currently afflicted, and I'm using so much Caladryl on the affected areas that it looks like I've got some kind of skin disease in addition to the poison ivy pustules. ('Pustule' is one of those words that's disgusting, no matter what the context. Makes my stomach flop, although that's probably partly because I knowingly ate too much pizza last night.)

If you're not allergic to poison ivy, I don't want to hear about it. If you are (or have some other similar problem), please share. I need something to keep my mind off of how I sort of want to rip significant portions of skin off two of my limbs.
Poor thing! :( I've had a lot of trouble with the poision ivy too. It's difficult to find something that helps without drying yourself out and making it look worse.

There IS a product out that I've tried that claims to get rid of it in 3 days or less. I can't remeber the name now, but I used it once during a particularily bad outbreak. It was available at CVS and was $30 for a tube, but I remember that it ended the agony a LOT quicker than Caladryl. Ask the pharmacist?
I know my sister's used Teknu (Technu? Tecnu? Something along those lines) a couple times when she's had a really bad case. If I remember correctly, it did a much more efficient job than the Caladryl (which is rather old and has probably lost much of its potency). Depending on how things are looking Monday morning, I may make a run over to CVS and see if there's anything promising.
I didn't know that you could be not allergic to poison ivy! I grew up with the notion that it gave everybody rashes and general ickiness. I've never come across any, myself, so I don't know if I'm allergic or not.
Yup. It's an allergy, albeit one that most people have. But just because you're not allergic at one point in time doesn't mean you won't develop the allergy at some other point in time. It's best just to assume you are allergic, and scrub yourself down immediately should you ever come in contact.

I know several people who learned that second bit the hard way.
There's an episode of Mythbusters where they're trying to test whether vodka can cure poison ivy, only to find out no one in the show was allergic! So they had to get the poor camera crew to offer themselves up as test subjects.
Wow. That's not fun. At least it's just the fumes you're allergic to--if it was any sort of contact, you'd be pretty much screwed.

Despite the whining, I'm really grateful that poison ivy is (as far as I know and as far as I want to know) my only allergy. It's annoying, but generally seasonal and not life-threatening or debilitating.
We don't have poison ivy here :D

edit: I read the post properly so I'll let you know that I get hayfever for most of the year (that should make you feel a bit better :)

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*is partly jealous*

I'm not sure which is worse: being itchy, or having trouble breathing properly. It would probably depend on the length of the duration. Hayfever for most of the year would win, I think.