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re: cross-posting

I started writing about death and about thinking about death and what I would do differently if I knew I was going to die in five months, but it would up sounding pretty pretentious, and I got distracted by notifications from DW, and then the previous post happened.

So instead of ruminations about death, here are a few sentences on DW. ("Few" most likely equaling three for reasons I won't bore you with.) I find myself writing differently on it, although two posts isn't technically enough for a trend, and that might just be because right now only four people have friended me over there, so it feels more like I can just doodle and less like I ought to put forth stuff actually worth reading. (And I know the latter is a purely self-imposed burden, but that doesn't mean it's not there. Also, sentences inside parentheses don't count.) I can't decide whether to migrate, as some people are doing, or cross-post everything, as other people are doing, or simply leave it as a sort of sketchpad. The latter is obviously easiest, but might be irritating to others. (I could also leave it to gather virtual dust for the moment, I suppose, but virtual dust irks me.)

What think you, O loyal readers?

Also, for some reason I had a severe case of deja vu about half-way through writing this entry. Freaky.

Also also, for some reason I use the word "also" a lot in this entry. I don't know why. Possibly it's because I accidentally spent 10 hours at work.
Yeah, I think sometime this summer I'll wind up synchronizing the two accounts, especially since (I hear) DW copies comments as well as entries.

I love semagic.