the thing i really really hate about ticks isn't the blood-sucking and various potential diseases, although those are pretty icky too. it's the way my skin crawls for hours after i find one on me, which is NOT FUN when i'm stuck at work for another 5 hours.
you found a tick on you? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk! maybe think of atlantis and your skin will stop crawling. The tick is off now I hope?
Yeah, it's off. It was never actually on my skin--I just happened to notice it crawling up my jeans when I got back to work from lunch (I live about 3 blocks from where I work, so I walk). My skin's mostly stopped crawling (except now that I've started thinking about it again >_<), although my scalp is still all prickly. I figure a shower should take care of that, though.