Resolved: no more new fics until I finish the eighty-bazillion WIPs languishing on my hard drive and in various notebooks. First up: trishkafibble's long promised "5 ways Rodney reacts to being kissed by John". Look for it this Thursday or Friday.

I'm hoping a publicly-announced deadline will get me to actually do it.
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Either because it's amusing to see me set myself up for failure (which it really kind of is), or because--if I succeed--you guys should be getting a lot of fics over the next couple months. It's pretty much a win-win situation for you.
ANY Bratly writings are always a win-win!! I'm rooting for you because I know how good you'll feel if you succeed (partly due to the fact that my own failure rate with deadlines and promises is truly abysmal), and because--how could I not be thrilled at the prospect of Bratfic made for me?!! ...Though I continue to be puzzled that you think you haven't properly fulfilled that request. You already gave me lovely post-kiss stuff and nonsense, did you not???
Well, but--yes. But.

But. I'd decided early on that it was going to be a five-things, I have all four of the unfinished things sketched out, even half-written. To not finish it would be to make a poor beginning of this endeavor to actually complete what I start.

So it's not really an obligation to you, it's an obligation to myself, and calling it yours just adds a bit more incentive for me to do it.