weekends are for

being uber productive

Okay, I'm tired enough that I can't even type properly. I'm going back to bed.
I usually try to split it: get stuff done on Saturday and flop on Sunday. This morning, though, it was an effort just to get dressed.
I work every other weekend, so I TOTALLY NEED to relax when I do get the chance. Of course, being a mom means I never really get to *flop* for long, but just chillin' with the fam counts for me!
Every other weekend? I hope you get days off during the work-week as compensation. I work Saturdays sometimes, but that's kind of nice since I get paid time and a half for it, and usually get to take Wednesday off, which is like having two weekends per week instead of one.
I do indeed get a day off mid-week, every week. It's a good arrangement, really, and is pretty much the standard for nursing-type jobs, since patients need 24/7 care. I can't truly complain, especially since I love my job to pieces! Tucking elderly nuns into bed=adorableness!! ^^