so yes, i am still writing

I feel like I'm back in college, where I had to keep asking my tutors for extensions on deadlines so I wouldn't have to hand in unfinished essays. Only now, I'm the one setting deadlines, which you'd think would make it easier to meet them. Apparently not. But I know most of you friended me for the stories, and I desperately want to tell them, so I am trying. It feels like there's some sort of blockage, and if I just bang away at it long enough, eventually it'll come loose and the words will start flowing again.

Or maybe I just need to start locking myself in an empty room with no internet connection so I'll have nothing to do but write. Argh.

Anyway, fic of some sort tomorrow morning. It may will be short and nonsensical, but it will be there for you to read, because really. This has gone on long enough, and I'm fed up with myself. As are you as well, I'm sure. My apologies. I'll try to do better in the future.
You need to lock yourself into a room with no internet access. Jerry Pournelle, the bestselling author, has to do this. He calls his writing room the Monk's Cell.
Probably. The problem is that all the rooms in our house also have books, and the ideal room for it (quiet, separated from the rest of the house, no internet at all) is our library, and is currently so full of books we've got sizable stacks piled up on the floor in front of the overflowing bookcases.

Ah well. I'll figure something out.
I'd love to, if the nearest beach wasn't 2+ hours away on high-traffic roads. It's a bummer, being land-locked.
...There is one, about 20 minutes away, with benches and tables even. I just never considered it because we've always gone there to go walking. That might be a good place to go on a weekend when I'm having trouble avoiding distractions.
Weekends are good, but might be a little busy with people. Hope there is a section with few people so you can have some quiet.